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What is Bags Of Ads?

Bags of Ads is a cross between a banner and text ad site and a Traffic Exchange but it is set up a little differently.

Free members are able to add a website and then view ads (surf) to earn page views to have their ads shown but are unable to advertise banner and text link ads.

We have 5 levels of account upgrades which not only allow you to add banners and text links as well as more sites but also get you a better view/surf ratio and a Bag full of ads too.

The part that makes this different to other sites is that you level up one step at a time. To level up from free to level 1 then you need to purchase one bag of ads. Bags of ads are priced at just $5 each and include 500 page views, 2500 468x60 banner impressions, 2500 125x125 banner impressions, and 2500 text link impressions. When you are at level one you can then level up to level two by buying two bags of ads, then to level three by buying three bags of ads and so on...

When you get to level 5 our top level you are then able to buy as many or as little BIG Bags Of Ads as you wish. Big bags contain twice as many ads as normal bags but are only available to level 5 members.

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